Lamma Island, 3:15PM – Partly Cloudy.

entry 15

Today a friend almost did not come to Lamma because the weather was hungover. But like any good socially agile expat, the weather pulled through and so my friend did come. Together we swam, read, and talked about sighs. They are remarkable things, sighs - as light as air yet so weighty. I can encapsulate a whole week’s worth of events, or even the span of a whole friendship, into a single sigh. Lately, I have had a good reason to sigh. It is nice, sighing like this. Arguably a small yet significant reason to keep on living. It is important to keep these moments neatly folded and ready for times of uncertainty or despair because they are simple and cost nothing but one breath. Writing them down helps. When we were not reading, swimming, or talking about sighs, my friend and I watched some unsunscreened Australians play volleyball in the sand. Like crabs in a boiling pot, they got redder and redder with each serve. One man nearly broke his sunglasses diving for the ball. I think I heard his teeth click together when he hit the ground. I am not sure why, but right then it suddenly dawned on me that today was one of those days where I was going to throw caution to the wind and have breakfast for dinner. Another small yet significant reason to keep on living.